“Paradise,” The American Scholar, October 11, 2011

A fledgling romance in the Washington mountains, and another, doomed love affair that cannot be forgotten.


“Politics,” Zyzzyva, Fall 2011, No. 92

The strike began.  He went to the lobby with the intention of arranging a taxi to Patan Hospital, but none, said the concierge, were available. Literally, none. So thoroughly unavailable that, if you wanted to leave the country, you had to walk to the airport...


“Hush,” The American Scholar, Summer 2013

“Lou Calhoun?” she said into her phone.
“Who wants to know?”
“Eastside Pet Care.”
“Joker,” the guy answered.
“I walk dogs. Your friend gave me your number.”
“You walk dogs.”


“Hot Springs,” Narrative Magazine, Fall 2011

Eleven months out of twelve the judge ignored being Jewish. Then Christmas slid into view, and for a while he was reminded of it. People who knew he was Jewish would say “Happy Hanukkah” in lieu of “Merry Christmas,” and though he wanted to retort with, “You don’t understand; I’m an areligious agnostic who has no more to do with Hanukkah than you do,” he never answered anything of the kind...

“Tenant,” New England Review, Vol. 33, 2012, No. 3

He was sitting down to dinner when the finder called. If you wanted to call it dinner. Two scrambled eggs with cheese and toast with peanut butter, which he planned to eat in front of the television...


“Krassavitseh,” Narrative Magazine, Spring 2014

At dusk they were delivered by a silent Jurgen in a polished Jaguar to the five-star luxury Brandenburger Hof at Eislebener Strasse 14...